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Rules; we don't ask for much, just follow them.

Before stating the rules, we would like to make it clear now that anyone entering the community with the intention of doing harm, exploiting grey areas, or creating vexation will be dealt with accordingly.

1. Do not grief tames. Don't try to ruin taming effectiveness. Do not mess with players tending to their tames. Leave them alone during the duration of the tame.

2. The total wiping of bases is not allowed, not even to just the foundations. Break in, get your loot and get out. The unnecessary excessive destruction of bases will be considered an act of griefing. The exception to this rule is if you wipe a base with the intention of building a base there *IMMEDIATELY* after it's destruction. Creative skirting of this rule will result in creative admin consequences.

3. Keep clutter to a minimum! No foundation/pillar spamming. Clean up taming pens once finished using them. Having a permanent taming pen directly outside your base is fine.

4. No blocking artifact caves or obelisks. Structures blocking will be destroyed if the tribe is unavailable to immediately clean up.

5. No multi-tribe superbases. Each tribe must have their own established base separate from their allies. Basing close to each other is fine, but there must be a clear distinction between structures/compounds.

6. No turrets can be placed out of defensive base structures. The only exception is for raid FOB's, Rafts, etc.(Ex. If you want to use turrets to kill wyverns on an egg run, that is also fine. Just place them on a small structure that is easily visible to passers by.)

7. When a tribe is raided, they can notify an admin and receive a 72 hour grace period to recover. Any tribes under grace period are NOT to be raided or antagonized at their base locations during this time.

Our servers

Rates - 2.5x Gather - 5x Exp/Taming/Hatch - 10x Maturation - **4x Corpse Bag Timer**

Mods - Structures+, HG Stacking Mod 2500-50, Eru's Classic Glider and Editable Server UI

Tribe Limit - 7 Members Tame Limit - 1000 Dinos

Titanosaurs spawn but are not tameable.

Our cluster is operated on high end dedicated machines tuned to perfection with the best available broadband.

US East - Manhattan NYC (Xeon Gold 5120 CPU, 30GB DDR4 RAM, SSD Storage)

Crystal Isles + Shigo Islands + The Volcano cluster live as of 2/12/2018

Rates have been increased for these maps.

5x Gather/Exp - 10x Taming/Hatch - 20x Maturation - 4x Corpse Bag Timer

Added Mods! Classic Flyers and Tek Binoculars!

All other settings match the original cluster.

We're here to help!

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